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    This Pine Tree burgee is that of the Pine Harbor Yacht Club on Logan Martin Lake near Pell City, AL. This club was located at the Pine Harbor Marina on Lake Logan Martin, and in 1997 relocated to the other end of the lake to an area called Marina Bay.

    They had a facility in the Marina Bay Restaurant, and changed their name to the Marina Bay Yacht Club. A few years later the restaurant burned to the ground, and the Marina Bay membership merged with another club across the lake, which still exists, the Birmingham Sail Club.

    Quick point on Pine Harbor YC. In the mid to late 1980s, one of our members, Stan Wroebel died from Leukemia, and we began a memorial race in his memory we called the Stan Wroebel Memorial. In 1991 we partnered up with the Leukemia Society of Birmingham and changed the name to The Leukemia Society Regatta, a memorial to Stan Wroebel, thus beginning a nationwide theme for The Leukemia Society.

    My wife Kathy was the Secretary of Pine Harbor YC in 1993.

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